Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Pictures

Adult Guys-black with jeans?
Adult Girls-red with jeans?
Kids-whatever they have with jeans? Logan will be wearing a red polo with black sweater vest

Also, we were thinking about taking the picture in a different location. Any suggestions? Do you still have to pay to go into Cameron Park Lake?

Thanksgiving Dinner

How does this sound to everyone? Did I miss anything? When is everyone going to get here?

Turkey - becky
Stuffing - mom
Mashed Potatoes - anissa
Yams - mom
Green Bean Casserole doubled - anissa
Lemon Jello Cranberry Salad - becky
3 dozen Rolls and 2 cubes of reg butter - rachel
Spray Butter - Anissa
2 small or 1 big Sugar free cool whip - Rachel
2 small or 1 big Sugar free cool whip - Anissa
mom - vanilla ice cream
house and paper products and cleaning of house - becky
clean up - everyone

Birthday Celebration on Wednesday and for Thanksgiving (everyone to make 2 pies)
Becky - pie - coconut and apple
Rachel - pie - cherry-o pie
Anissa - pie - chocolate cream pie and ?? or cake
Mom - 2 pumpkin pies (1 reg and 1 sugar free)

15 people total

Rebecca Hunter