Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Memorial Day Options

 Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz
(allows bonfires, would have to get there early) (40 min)

Our backyard, now is fenced in
Relax in the hammock/redwoods - free :)

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk & Wharf
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - (40 min)

Big Basin Redwood Loop Hike (0.8 mile)
Big Basin State Park (hiking, biking, etc) -  (5-10 min away)
Seymour Marine Wildlife Center

Boulder Creek Golf & Country Club - (1 min away)

Henry Cowell State Park (hiking, etc) -  (15 min away)

Natural Bridges State Beach -  (40 min)

Walking around Capitola Village and beaches (40 min)

Train Ride (15-20 min)
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Rachel Keyser said...

OK, golfing is already booked up for Memorial Day weekend. :(

The Smith Family said...

Bummer! I will ask the girls when they get home what they would like to do and we will rank in order. :)

Arthur said...

Art said no on the train because it would cost us like $130 or something. However, Art and the kids have never been to the beach boardwalk... so I think we'd vote to spend Saturday there. What do you guys think? We'd have to either eat there or have a fairly simple dinner. I definitely want to go do the hiking. Would we have to pay to different entrance fees for the Big Basin and Henry Cowell? I'll let him know golf is a no go.

Rachel Keyser said...

Unless you buy a pass to the state parks, its $10/day to park. I think you can visit multiple parks in one day. Also it's $12 to park at the Boardwalk and you pay per ride. So you can ride as many or as few rides as you want. There is also a beach at the boardwalk that a lot of people sunbathe on. We were planning to have hotdogs back at our house that night...we would still could do or we have some other dinner suggestions. (Roundtable in Boulder Creek or a family-style seafood restaurant on the wharf)

Rachel Keyser said...

Logan wants to see the whale bones and go fishing. :) But Kurt and I decided we'd do whatever the consensus was since we can do everything else whenever.

The Smith Family said...

We have never been to Loch Lomond that sounded fun. Santa Cruz Wharf is also a favorite. We love to go on the rides, but it will be very very busy that day. Plus we have six flags passes so that can make up for us not going there. We like that little ice cream joint down there too. Seymour Marine Wildlife Center is fun but maybe more exciting for the young ones. We are happy just to play at the beach all day or go to one of the state parks. We don't have to ride the train to go enjoy the property over there, it is Beautiful. We did lots of this in 08 so its been awhile.